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  • Good Egg Guide to Family Cycling
  • Good Egg Guide to Family Cycling
  • Good Egg Guide to Family Cycling
  • Good Egg Guide to Family Cycling
  • Good Egg Guide to Family Cycling
  • Good Egg Guide to Family Cycling

Property-mark your bike

Property-marking your bike makes it a less attractive target for thieves. It isn't expensive, and it means that if your bike is stolen and recovered by the police, it can easily be returned to you. Your local police or Safer Neighbourhood Team will be able to give you more advice.

The Right Bike

The right bike

The Good Egg Guide to Cycling for Families is packed with practical information about how to choose the best bike for your needs and budget, getting it ready for use and essential tips for keeping it safe, secure and roadworthy.

Content includes...

What is the best type of bike for my needs?

Bikes vary in design and price, but there are four main groups: road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and city bikes. So your first decision is what type of cycling you intend to do.

Buying a bike
The rule of buying a bike is – the more you pay the better the bike, but this isn't to say that bargains can't be found - PLUS an essential checklist for buying a used or older bike...

Getting your bike ready to ride
Tyres, brakes, wheels, saddle, handlebars, gears and pedals...

What clothing should I buy?
Useful items for making your bike riding easier and more enjoyable – especially in cold or wet weather...

Vital equipment
What you should have to keep you safe and legal on the road...


Even if your children are too young to control a bike on their own, you can buy child seats or attachments that link their bike to yours so that you can all enjoy a ride together.
An infant is old enough for a child seat when they can sit up unsupported – e.g. in the middle of the floor – and the journey should not be any longer between stops than the length of time the child is happy to sit and play at home.


When you oil your bike make sure you clean any oil from the rim of the wheels and do not get any on the brake blocks - this will prevent the brakes from working. Remember, if you're unsure about making adjustments to your bike yourself then seek expert help from your local bike shop. Your local authority may offer discounted maintenance classes; check the council website for more information.

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